Creative Art

Simran Soni (XII)

“When the sun rises, it rises for everyone.” Keeping this in mind every year our school organises an Inter-School Cultural Fest “Abhyudaya”. This event marks the Founder’s Day of our school and is celebrated on 5th and 6th June. This year’s fest was filled with great amount of zeal and festivity. All the Ashok Hall Group of Schools and the neighbouring schools participated with great ardour and fervour. The motto of this programme is to showcase our talents and interaction with other schools. “Nationalism and Internationalism” was the theme this year. The decoration and events were based on this global theme, thus taking the show to the level of unity and diversity. The participating schools were given the best possible hospitality and they enjoyed themselves in our vast lush environment, many dance parties and picnics were organised for them. The first day of Abhyudaya, 5th June began with a vibrant welcome Tagore dance based on a Scottish tune and a contemporary dance. Then the event was declared open by the guest of honour, Mr. Cheema who delivered a speech. The competitions for the first day were Footprints in which the participants had to portray world famous cartoon characters, collage making competition on the theme world peace, Antakshari was the most enjoyed competition as the theme was ‘Old is Gold’ and it was really fun watching the kids of this generation struggling with the choices. Many other interesting competitions were held further. The day ended with a bonfire dance party and the hope and confidence to win more competitions the next day. Excitement, zest and anxiety again filled the day; the competitions on the second day i.e. 6th June were tougher as it was the final day of celebration. Mime, International Folk Dance, Debate were the most awaited competitions of the whole fest. The mime had the audience rolling down with laughter as the theme was humorous and the actors did justice to it. The logistic speeches of the discourse in the debate competition were worth listening to and thoroughly captivating. The young debaters had really set the standard of the argument at a high bar. The dances transported all of us to Mexico and other countries as they tapped and danced to the vibrant beats in fast moving steps from the valleys of Nepal to far-flung Cuba. The stage was filled with great energy and enthusiasm. The rock-stars from different schools made everyone their fans with their talent in music and flexibility with the instruments. Rock on showed the dexterity of the musicians and the melodious voices of the singers. The sumptuous menu was really delectable. So, with lots of trophies and prizes the day marked its end with victory and happiness. The young participants danced the night away at G.D. Birla Memorial School, Ranikhet. So all is well that ends well. The Abhyudaya 2017 celebrations came to an end on a successful and happy note.
Alakananda Banerjee

The morning of 19th May saw the students of Ashok Hall Girls’ Residential School get extremely excited to participate in the Swar Sangam workshop. Swar Sangam is a Birla Institute for Visual and Performing Arts. The experienced trainers from Kolkata come to our school every year, who engage us in fun activities like aerobics, contemporary dance, textile designing, eastern dance, photography and fun with science which honed our students’ skills. The activities which the teachers had planned were very interesting & creative and the students were thoroughly engaged as they enjoyed themselves to the fullest. The students put up a colourful presentation of all the events they had learnt in the various workshops. The Junior Sections from classes IV to VIII displayed very informative presentations on Science. One of the most interesting experiments was test tube harmonica. The experiment showed how water dominated the pitch of sound. The Western Music presentation was very vibrant and dynamic as the young singers sang `Everything at Once’ and `Stand by Me’. The keyboardists, guitarists and drummers displayed their talents as they played to these songs. This ten-minute presentation mesmerized the audience. The dance performances were mind-blowing; they were filled with energy and enthusiasm. The students danced to numbers like `Shape of You’, `Sorry ‘and others. Overall, it was a fun-filled experience and it will be cherished by every Hallite for the rest of their lives and we are looking forward to the next year.