It was on 23rd March of 2014, I first drove up the winding hilly roads of the Himalayas all the way from Noida. I felt like a bird soaring in the green forest and clear blue skies. Then I landed in Majkhali, AHGRS campus and I was so surprised to see this huge school and campus. When my dad said that I could enjoy my freedom here, this ten year old class V student had no clue what her father was taking about. As they left me here at first, I felt sad because I knew nobody in this completely new place, but as I went

to Block B my House- mistress Preeti Ma’am came and comforted me. She told me I would love this place and took me to my classmates. After a month her words came true. By that time I was so well adjusted in this environment that during the holidays I got restless and wanted to come back to my home in the hills. Now after 4 years, I can proudly call myself a Hallite, an independent and confident girl who has understood the meaning of true freedom in this beautiful place. It is just not studies but sports and various co-curricular activities that I enjoy from singing, dancing, golfing, riding and acting. I am now well on the way to learn to succeed in life as a Hallite who will definitely pass out from class XII ready to take on the world.

Vrinda Agarwal (Class VIII)

I was a little girl of nine years. Cartoons and animated movies had introduced me to the concept of a boarding school. They showed people living and growing together and having all the fun in the world. And then the day for me to attend came. Initially nothing was wrong but then mom and dad, left. I sat there outside the dormitory, when suddenly I heard, “Newcomer? Class 5?” Hesitantly I nodded and she said, “Hi. I’m your classmate. Come on inside!” I took her hand and wiped my tear. She took me through the whole

school and I met all my classmates. She was my first friend then. Today, nearly six years later, we are best friends. My teachers have seen me grow. They all know my strengths and weaknesses and they love me like a daughter in this happy Hallite family. Over the last six years, my life has totally changed. I had the most bitter fights and shared the best memories of my life with the people we call our family. I experienced the magic of growing up independently with my friends in the most beautiful campus ever. Every new day, when I sing the school song, my chest swells with pride as I stand a little straighter. Now and always this is my home in the mountains! My first identity will remain this. I am a proud and hopefully, successful, HALLITE.

Nirvika Agarwal (Class X)

I was fourteen years old when I first came to Ashok Hall. For the most obvious reasons I had all kinds of ideas about what it was going to be like. All kinds of people from every corner of the country, living together, I would be an outcast! For the first time, I did not want my mother to leave; but she did. I returned to the dormitory with a heavy heart, and made it a point to keep quiet, because everyone around me was a stranger. Soon, someone patted my shoulder, and immediately a conversation began. That conversation lasted nearly the whole night. In one night, this place became from my new school, to my second home.

Ashok Hall is the name which still exudes infinite pride in my mind whenever I hear it. I learnt how to live up to my expectations. There were problems, obviously, but I always emerged stronger. I have the best friends one can ask for; for they were there to pick me up when I was down. Classes became fun and exams are no longer scary. I can very proudly say that this place taught me how far I can push my own limits. I have an opinion about things and I can express myself precisely. All in all I can say that I have had the best school life, all thanks to my beloved alma mater; and to anyone who wants to know, walk into Ashok Hall once. It’s a different world.

Indrakshi Sarkar

The moment I entered the gates of Ashok Hall Girls’ Residential School, my life changed. The first day was quite awkward as I did not know anybody but that changed into something unbelievable as I discovered who I really was. I was twelve years old when my parents left me in this school; it was the first time I had got the feeling of being alone amidst hundreds of strangers. Soon enough my classmates who were already here marched in with the agenda of inspecting all my things. They picked everything up and peeked into everything.

The questioning took a toll on me and before I knew it, the tears wet my cheeks. However, very soon those tears turned into jokes and the awkward strangers became my pillars of support for tough times, my extended family. Six long years have fetched me a huge sack full of memories to cherish for life. Throughout this time, this place has been my biggest critic and my loudest cheerleader. I discovered who I really am. I became an independent and creative thinker. This school, made me realise that I had it me to perform on stage! And now, with only about eight months to go, before I bid adieu to my beloved alma mater I can confidently say that I would live through the same six years over and over and still call it the best life. Ashok Hall Girls’ Residential School has given me everything that I have. In fact, it has made me who I am and given me the courage to dream big, think big and make it big for myself. I always knew that all the students and teachers would be my big Ashok Hall Girls’ Residential School family.

Simran Soni (Class XII)


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